Loch Fyne Kippers (2 Pairs) | Loch Fyne Oysters

Loch Fyne Kippers (2 Pairs)

DESPATCHED FROZEN - with a 5 day shelf life on defrost. Given top rating and 5 stars by Observer Food Monthly.


Smoked Herring 97.5%, Salt 2.4%, Sugar 0.1%

ALLERGENS are identified in bold type


Store in a refrigerator at 0°C to 5°C.

Serving Notes:

Traditional Smoked Herring Kippers. Perfect for breakfast or why not turn them into a sprightly starter or light supper dish. Serve with a spring onion spiked potato salad and simply dressed watercress.

Catch Area - FAO 27

Sub Area & Division - (1Va)

Name - North Sea

Category of fishing gear - single pellagic trawl

Origin - Smoked in Scotland using Herring (Clupea harengus)  for Loch Fyne Oysters Ltd.

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